Take On Faith Radio Program w/Rev. Xolani Kacela

Archived episodes of Take On Faith radio program here.

KTAL-LP 101.5 FM

This episode features Dr. Paul O’Connelll, a Unitarian Universalist and retired economist. Click the start arrow below to listen.

Radio program audio

This is an enlightening program for anyone interested in expanding their spirituality.

Rev. XK visits the Humanists of Houston

This video is from Dr. Xolani Kacela’s talk to the Humanists of Houston in February 2012. The presentation dealt with African American religiosity. The purpose was to provide the audience with an understanding of how African Americans understand themselves and spirituality.

The humanists wanted to learn strategies for welcoming African Americans into their fold. This video begins with Donald Wright asking a question. The main section of the talk is on another YouTube.


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